meet maslow

meet maslow

meet maslow.

smart energy storage
for your solar powered home.

smart energy storage for your solar powered home.

maslow stores the energy from your solar panel

maslow is the ideal solution for improving use of self-generated power. maslow batteries store spare solar energy or charge at night, to enable you to use energy when you want to. maslow is compact and smart, helping to manage your energy needs.

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powers the things you need everyday

maslow effeciently powers critical digital devices, computers and media. Provides energy and keeps you online during a power cut. Our new high power USB sockets power direct current (DC) devices without the need for wasteful mains adaptors. This keeps energy costs low and ensures you will never be without power for your critical devices.

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and lights your home with energy efficient LED lighting

maslow can directly power LED lighting circuits, helping to reduce electricity and maintenance costs. maslow also offers a way for urban homes to take the first steps towards using solar to power home offices and LED lighting.

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generate energy during the day… use it at night

Why buy back your own solar energy in the evening at higher price. Storing what your house doesn’t use during the day, helps reduce energy use in the evening and avoids future peak energy charges. maslow can also take advantage of new smart tariffs and buy energy at off-peak or low carbon times.

create green power and reduce energy wastage

maslow reduces power conversion and adaptor losses and helps the wider environment by enabling low carbon energy from solar or wind to be stored and used when needed. Batteries can also be made available as an aggregate resource for networks to use to address issues and improve overall reliability. This can create income opportunities from future demand side programmes.

how it works

storing energy off-peak

Your maslow stores energy from cheap off peak & free solar sources & converts it back to mains power to reduce your peak energy use.

what does it all mean?

  • reduce energy waste

    maslow reduces round trip losses and enables more efficient DC device and LED lighting, saving carbon and cost.

  • smart interfaces

    Web based interfaces allow control and dashboards to be viewed through browsers or smartphones.

  • storing your solar energy

    Deep cycle 1-2KWh+ batteries for storing excess solar energy rather than buying it back later from the grid at higher cost.

  • rapid install

    By qualified electrician in an hour or intraday retrofit of LED lighting, PV & smart sockets.

  • independence from the grid

    maslow can reduce peak energy by powering DC circuits or pushing power through inverters.

  • facilitates urban solar

    Helping urban homes take the first step in renewables with small scale wall, window or balcony solar.

  • no more power outages

    maslow provides power during an outage, providing independence and resilience for essential DC demands.

  • powers all your DC devices

    Efficient and convenient USB power for growing DC demands from electronics, computing and lighting.